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Our bodies are truly amazing. We are made up of blood and organs that keep us going and that give us our spark of life and personality. We are also host to hormones that conduct chemical reactions like a symphony. These hormones all contribute to how we handle things when we are stressed or happy and how we grow.


What is the Human Growth Hormone (HGH)?

Growth hormone is released from the anterior pituitary gland into the bloodstream. The pituitary gland is also a hub which produces other hormones all of which that have different functions.

HGH not only promotes growth, but it also maintains the normal body structure and our metabolism, which includes helping to keep blood glucose levels within set levels. It also can improve vision, energy levels, brain function, muscle tone as well as reduce body fat, decrease recovery times and boost immune function.

It is a wonder hormone.

It is also the only growth hormone that has the ability to produce new muscle cells. It’s positive effects pretty much have no limit.

How is HGH controlled? 

HGH does not release continuously. It is released in a number of pulses every three to five hours and is caused by another hormone which triggers the release from a point higher up in the brain (the hypothalamus) which then causes the pituitary gland to release the HGH.


What effects HGH?

HGH levels are easily influenced in both a negative and a positive way.

They can be increased with sleep, diet and exercise and they are produced at a much higher level during periods where there are low glucose levels in the blood.

HGH production is at its lowest during pregnancy and times where there are high levels of insulin-like growth factors in the blood (for instance, after you have just eaten). This reduction in growth hormone levels is affected by another hormone called somatostatin.


HGH goes by a variety of names.

As well as being known as Human Growth Hormone, it is also known as: Somatotropin; GH and HGH.

Growing taller

To grow taller you need to make sure your HGH is at optimal levels. You need it to not only induce that growth spurt you are after, but also to repair cells and muscles and have a healthy internal system.

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