04“I am a True Skeptic about all Grow Taller and Height increase supplements. Since seeing the episode on AYURVEDA on the Dr. OZ show, I started to read numerous reviews and compared many of the so-called Ayurvedic Urea Sellers..of which…I found this site and seller to be the only genuine one. I was SOLD on the idea of Growing taller with these pills but i was still skeptical.

I received my order in a matter of days via DHL, even before the estimated delivery time and began taking the pills immediately. I was so Impressed that I had hardly any side effects. I just became a lot more tired after about 3 weeks of taking the supplement. Which was understandable as keen as my body was preparing me for a second growth spurt! And I remember how sleepy and grumpy i was when i had my first growth spurt as a teenager! I am seeing great results with this supplement! 4 inches in 5 months! I am going to keep taking it until i reach my goal of 6ft! This is a mainstay for me!”

-Jon Wong-26-Singapore