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There are a lot of different things that go into helping you grow taller, whether you are using Ayurvedic Urea or not.

A healthy diet and active lifestyle is a must, but one of the most important things that everybody needs during their growing process is sleep. This is something that can’t be skimped on, not just because you need it for your grow taller journey, but also because you need it for your general well-being.

The optimal amount is 8-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep a day, so if you work night shifts, it doesn’t matter – all that matters is that you are getting a good stretch of uninterrupted sleep.

Below are 6 reasons why sleep is so important and why it will help you grow taller.

1. It will help you grow taller

When you are in deep sleep your brain releases HGH (growth hormones) into your bloodstream. This hormone promotes growth and can trigger growth spurts. And if you are doing a program or taking Ayurvedic Urea, this will increase the effectiveness of it.

The HGH also works to repair tissue and cells and boost muscle mass which in turn keeps your body in the shape it needs to be.

2. Emotional health

Sleep deficiency has been linked to depression and risk-taking behaviour. A lack of sleep can hurt your decision making capabilities and leave you feeling on edge. Whereas if you feel rested, you will be more at ease and able to make good decisions and will feel more in control of your life.

When we sleep our brain uses that time to prepare for the following day, so if we interrupt that we are disturbing the process and not giving our bodies the rest it needs to be fully able to cope with the day to come.

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3. Will help you to not put on weight

When you maintain regular patterns of optimum sleep,  the hormones that make you feel hungry (ghrelin) or full-up (leptin) are kept in perfect balance.

Alternatively, when you are lacking sleep or suffering irregular sleep patterns this delicate balance gets all out of whack and you level of ghrelin (hunger) goes up and your leptin (feeling of being full) goes down. This tricks your body into thinking you are hungry and therefore people usually eat more and end-up overeating.

If you are consistently well rested, then you are less hungry and are more likely to eat a well portioned diet.

4. Decreases risk of Diabetes

Sleep is also very important when it comes to your blood sugar levels. A body that is deficient in sleep has higher blood sugar levels, due to how the body reacts to insulin (which is what controls your sugar levels). A high sugar level will put you at an increased risk for diabetes. This is something that a good night’s sleep can help to regulate and take a way a big portion of the risk attached.

5. Keeps you in general good health

Not only does sleep work wonders on your blood sugar and your hunger levels – but it also keeps your heart and blood healthy. When you sleep your body works to repair your heart and blood vessels.

6. Keeps you productive

A well-rested brain will increase your capacity to learn, to make decisions and will improve your memory. After a good night’s sleep you will feel less sluggish and more able to take on your day. You will find that your productivity will increase and that you will have more energy to go out and do things.