Ayurvedic Urea Pills

Does It Matter What Body(DOSHAS) Type I have For Using Ayurvedic urea? Luckily the Ayurvedic Urea We sell caters for all 3 body types KAPHA, PITTA and VATA. however for your diet it will be useful to know which body type you are…why not take the Dr Oz quiz to find out http://www.doctoroz.com/ayurvedic-body-type-find-your-dosha If you […]

Ayurvedic Urea Works most effectively with 16-35 year olds(although Not Limited to 35) Of course as you would expect the fastest Height gainers are users aged 16-25. Mainly due to the fact that their pituitary gland is still active and doesn’t need much encouragement in order to produce more HGH. Users who are 25-35 often […]

“I am a True Skeptic about all Grow Taller and Height increase supplements. Since seeing the episode on AYURVEDA on the Dr. OZ show, I started to read numerous reviews and compared many of the so-called Ayurvedic Urea Sellers..of which…I found this site and seller to be the only genuine one. I was SOLD on […]

” From Using Ayurvedic Urea Pills I have Grown 5 Inches in 14 months! I have recently quit my corporate job to pursue a career in modelling..Which was my dream job as a teenager! At first I was unsure about buying this, mainly because of the price. But i’m so glad I did, Life is […]

“At the age of 22 I was convinced that there was no hope for me to get taller. I felt depressed and hated being around my friends who were much bigger than me and I had no confidence with women. Being small made life pretty tough. When I found out about Ayurvedic Urea I thought […]

“I have always been shorter than my friends which for a long time made me feel less confident and unsure of myself. I am over 25 so I was understandably quite sceptical about taking an growth enhancing supplements, but I am now overjoyed as after only 11 months I have grown a massive 4.5 inches. […]