affirmations to help you grow taller

During the grow taller process you can sometimes have moments where you lose focus or feel down. The journey can be a slow one and keeping up the momentum can be quite difficult.

When you struggle like this it can be easy to fall off the wagon and pick up your old bad habits like an old comfy coat and then as a consequence of guilt, fall even further. So what should you do when you feel like this? 

You should boost your routine with a new exercise, look through your reasons of why you want to grow taller and why your effort is truly worth it or add in something entirely new that will not only help you focus and feel good, but will also make you taller.

I am talking about affirmations.

A lot of people do these as part and parcel of meditation or in front of a mirror. You don’t need to restrict yourself to these two ways though, as you can do them at any point of your day.

How do they work?

When you use affirmations what you are affirming is the reality of your inner desires.

You are visualising what you want and then taking decisive steps to getting it.

You are training your mind and acting as your own cheerleader to spur you on. And you know if you believe in something and want something enough and you are willing to work hard for it, the thing that you want will be yours.

During times where we feel down, or we have lost focus, it can be quite common for people to lose a bit of height. This height loss is not permanent, it is just a symptom that your heart and mind is lacking the vitality and belief it needs to keep going through the process.

By doing the affirmations you will be jolting your body out of its negative state and the bad habits that you may have fallen into (slouching, chowing down on junk and sugary drinks) will stop. Your posture will improve, your body will stretch out, and you will regain (or even gain) up to 2-3 inches over a period of weeks.

When to do your affirmations

grow taller affirmations

There are several ways you can do your affirmations, below are three of the best ones.

  1. Take five to ten minutes to yourself at the start or end of the day (or both) and sit in a quiet room on the floor with your legs crossed and eyes closed. Visualise yourself crouched into a ball then slowly uncurling yourself and making your way into standing position – see yourself standing up at the height you want to be and repeat your chosen affirmation five times.
  2. Stand in front of the mirror, make sure you have good posture and look yourself in the eyes and repeat your chosen affirmation five times (these can be done any time of day).
  3. At different points of the day when you are feeling down or lacking in focus, quietly repeat to yourself or write down your affirmation two or three times.

Will I feel silly?

At first you might feel a bit silly, but keep going with it as the silliness will soon fall away and before you know it your affirmations will leave you feeling empowered and ready to take on anything.


Below are 15 affirmations, use one or as many as you like.

  1. I am tall
  2. I am a tall and confident person
  3. My body is relaxed and tall
  4. My body is tall, my posture is great
  5. I always walk tall with confidence
  6. I will grow taller
  7. I grow taller every day
  8. My spine will relax and lengthen
  9. I walk tall with confidence
  10. I feel good about growing taller
  11. I can increase my height
  12. I am a tall person
  13. My mind and body are working to help me grow taller
  14. Standing tall is the only way I stand
  15. My good posture is natural and I can keep growing taller

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